Being charged with a sexual assault or any type of sexual offense is life changing. 

The bad news first.  Law enforcement in Colorado regularly file sexual assault cases based on extremely thin evidence.  It is not uncommon for police to file sexual assault charges based on nothing more than an allegation by one party.  We routinely see cases that get filed where there is no DNA, there are no independent witnesses, and there is no corroborating evidence.  A sexual assault investigation can and will result in charges being filed if left to just run its course. 

The good news . . . . with proper, early representation, a sexual assault investigation can be shut down. 

This last year, Marshall Breit had three sexual assault investigations that ultimately law enforcement declined to prosecute.  Early intervention was the critical piece in all three matters.  Working with the best investigators, polygraphers, and child psychologists, Marshall Breit was able to present the other side of the story to law enforcement before charges were filed. With the complete picture, law enforcement came to realize there was no case. 

Through aggressive legal representation, a sexual assault investigation can be shut down.  Mulligan Breit McConnell, LLC has more than 50 years of combined experience representing clients under investigation for sexual assault, sexual assault on a child, and other sexual offenses. 

If you are under investigation for a sexual assault, sexual assault on a child, or even contacted by law enforcement regarding allegations of sexual impropriety, you need immediate representation.  There is much that can be done to shut down a sexual assault investigation.

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