A lot of attorneys and inmates think that parole revocation hearings are a lost cause. That the result cannot be changed. This is wrong! At Mulligan Breit McConnell, we take the same tenacity, sophistication, and passion into a parole hearing that we would into the courtroom. You have rights at a parole hearing, and you should have an aggressive and smart attorney fighting to get you out of prison.

There are many rules that apply at parole hearings. You have due process rights. You have the right to call witnesses. You have the right to an attorney. You have the right to present evidence. You have the right to confront the evidence against you. You have the right to see the evidence. And you have the right to fight back.

We recently represented a person who was facing a possible life sentence if their parole was revoked. The parole officer and the system wanted to send our client back to prison. Because we were there, we were able to catch the parole officer clearly mischaracterizing the evidence against our client in an attempt to send him back to prison. But by working with the rules, the client, and his family, and by confronting the false case against our client, we were able to convince the hearing officer not to send our client back to prison. He is now back out in the community where he belongs!

Another example is that parole officers are supposed to utilize all intermediate measures available and appropriate before revoking someone’s parole. They don’t often do this. It can be very helpful to have an attorney fighting for you on the outside and to push back against a system that more often than not wants to send people back to prison who don’t need to be there. Mulligan Breit McConnell fights for people who are facing a parole revocation and works hard to make sure that people don’t go to prison when they shouldn’t have to.

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