Firm Overview

Firm Overview

Our Denver Criminal Defense Law Firm Advocates for Justice

Trials, appeals, and post conviction litigation for more than 30 years.

Mulligan Breit McConnell, LLC is committed exclusively to criminal defense in the Colorado justice system. Our unrelenting advocacy for our clients’ rights is the foundation of our law firm. We represent clients in prosecution, appeals and post-conviction proceedings.

Our firm focuses on zealous, client-centered representation. We are results driven and work tirelessly to put the justice system to work for our clients. We are former public defenders who passionately believe in protecting the constitutional rights of our clients.

Aggressive representation at each stage of the judicial process

Unusual for law firms, we handle cases at each phase of the judicial process. This allows us to give you complete options for defending your rights. Lawyers with extensive experience in the following areas can be a great boon for your case:


We provide a strong criminal defense for clients accused of crimes. We engage in strategic plea negotiations with prosecutors when appropriate and prepare for every case as though we intend to take it to trial. In the courtroom, we present a thorough, persuasive case to the jury and judge.


We present persuasive appeals for clients who are found guilty at trial. If we represent you at the trial stage, we are prepared to file your brief immediately. If another attorney defended you in a trial, we review your transcripts to determine whether appealable issues were preserved.

Post-conviction litigation

Rule 35(c) litigation is based on a Colorado statute that gives you the chance to pursue another trial if you are convicted and your appeals are exhausted. Popularly referred to as habeas corpus, post-conviction relief proceedings are crucial if you face a long prison sentence or the death penalty for a major felony.

A noteworthy case involving trial, appeal and post-trial Rule 35(c) litigation:

Our client was a juvenile charged with second-degree sexual assault. Through a series of pre-trial motions, we won suppression of evidence based on police misconduct. The prosecution appealed the suppression ruling to the Colorado Supreme Court, and we successfully handled the appeal in People v. A.W. 982 P.2d 842 (Colo 1999). The case was remanded to the district court for trial. After a hard-fought trial by jury, the client was found not guilty of all charges. Utilizing the victory and ruling on police misconduct, we then represented the client in a civil rights lawsuit against the police and the offending city in federal district court. We won a substantial settlement for our client, and the client went on to pursue a college education.

We are criminal defense attorneys who advocate for justice on behalf of our clients.