2019 was a huge year for our firm in the areas of appellate and post-conviction (Rule 35c) litigation. Patrick Mulligan handles the firm’s litigation in these two areas, and was able to achieve tremendous results in a number of cases.  Here is a sample of just a few of Patrick’s significant appellate and post-conviction cases from 2019:

People v. Timothy K.: Post-conviction (Rule 35c) litigation. First Degree Murder conviction and sentence REVERSED. Complex issues of Ineffective Assistance of Counsel (“IAC”).  Client resentenced, parole eligible within next two years.

People v. Arthur H.: Post-conviction (Rule 35c) litigation.  Habitual Criminal conviction and sentence REVERSED. Client resentenced to term of years, eligible for release in 2020.

People v. Mark C: Post-conviction (Rule 35c) litigation. Habitual Criminal conviction and sentence REVERSED. Client resentenced, released on parole in 2019.

People v. Joy T: Direct Appeal. 3rd Degree Assault conviction REVERSED.

People v Arnulfo R: Direct Appeal. Sex Assault on Child, Indeterminate Sentence. Opening Brief filed in Colorado Court of Appeals, appeal pending.

People v. James A: Direct Appeal. Felony Menacing. Opening Brief filed, litigation pending.

People v. Jomar F: Post-conviction (Rule 35c) litigation. 2 Counts First Degree Murder, double life sentence. Rule 35c motion filed, multi-day evidentiary hearing held, litigation pending.

People v. Andrew G: Post-conviction (Rule 35c) litigation. Second Degree Murder conviction. Rule 35c motion filed, multi-day hearing held. Case currently on appeal.

People v. Frederick A: Direct Appeal from post-conviction litigation. Sex Assault conviction, indeterminate sentence. Opening Brief filed, appeal pending.

People v. Scott P: Direct Appeal. Felony Menacing conviction. Opening Brief filed, appeal pending.

These are just a few of the many direct appeal and post-conviction cases that Patrick Mulligan litigated over the past year.  Patrick has succeeded in achieving reversal of multiple life and habitual criminal convictions and sentences including a number of reversals in just the past year. If you or someone you know need experienced, effective representation on a criminal appeal or post-conviction (Rule 35c) matter, call us at Mulligan Breit McConnell, LLC. 303-295-1500.

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