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What Our Clients Say


“Marshall is an amazing lawyer and I’m definitely going to recommend him to all my friends and family (if they ever need a lawyer for any reason) He is so knowledgeable, so good at what he does, and always kept me updated on anything that was happening with my case.

“Patrick came highly recommended as a top lawyer who has a lot of integrity. He represented our son who was charged with Attempted 1st Degree Murder and was facing decades of mandatory prison. Our son was more than a case for Patrick and he fought for our son’s life, rights and his freedom. We would recommend Patrick to anyone. Patrick, thank you!”

“I retained Marshall Breit for defense of what seemed to be a hopeless case. I’ve never worked with a professional who’s more knowledgeable about Colorado law, Colorado case law, or more networked across the legal community-on both sides of the fence: with other defense attorneys, with bench judges or the DA’s offices. Ultimately, Marshall got my case dismissed. Marshall SAVED MY LIFE. ”

We handle all types of criminal cases, but our firm specializes in complex and high stakes cases, such as murder, sex assault, financial crimes, and domestic violence.

Protecting Clients’ Rights at All Stages of the Judicial Process

Pre-File Investigation

Representing clients who are under investigation is some of the most important work that we do. Being charged with a crime is life changing: it impacts liberty, livelihood, employment, reputation, housing, and even relationships with family and friends. A police investigation does not mean that criminal charges are inevitable. With an aggressive and expert approach, law enforcement can be forced to back down. We know what the authorities are looking for and we know how to present the other side of the story. Through a defense-based investigation, witness interviews, preservation and analysis of evidence, polygraph examinations, and persuasive engagement with law enforcement, we routinely prevent criminal charges from being filed.


You are innocent unless the prosecution proves beyond a reasonable doubt, to a unanimous jury, that you committed a crime. This concept is the foundation of the American justice system. We hold prosecutors and the police to the highest standards. We insist that they follow procedure and do their jobs correctly. We ensure that your rights are protected throughout the process. In our 50 years of combined experience, we have achieved countless victories for our clients at trial. We have tried hundreds of cases and our litigation skills are well known by prosecutors throughout the state of Colorado. We have secured not guilty verdicts at trial on behalf of clients charged with First Degree Murder, Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, Financial Crimes, Drug Offenses, DUIs, and many other types of cases.


If you are convicted of any crime, you have a constitutional right to an appeal or to have the conviction reviewed by a higher court. This is a critical right that should be exercised. Every year, numerous cases are overturned on appeal in Colorado. Unlike many criminal defense firms that only handle matters at the trial level, we specialize in criminal appeals. Our appellate success rate is well known. We have had dozens of cases overturned on appeal where our clients were serving life or virtual life sentences. The appellate process is complicated and riddled with time constraints. If you have been convicted of a crime, we urge you to call us promptly to review your case and ensure that the necessary deadlines are preserved.

Post-Conviction Litigation

Even if you have exhausted your appellate options, you may still have an opportunity for post-conviction relief. Founding partner Patrick Mulligan is considered one of Colorado’s leading authorities in complex Rule 35(c) and post-conviction litigation. He routinely serves as an expert witness in 35c / ineffective assistance of counsel proceedings. Our firm is one of only a handful in the state that pursues these claims and has a proven track record of having serious convictions overturned.

Civil Rights Litigation

Beyond the trial courts, we work to vindicate our client’s rights by filing civil lawsuits. We have successfully handled cases involving the excessive use of force by the police, unlawful arrest, and violations of the First Amendment’s protections on free speech. A civil lawsuit is sometimes the only way to compensate someone for harms caused to them and to push back against those who caused it, which is why we also use this tool to assist our clients.

We have the experience, the knowledge, and the resources to fight for your rights in the criminal and civil courts