Being charged with a criminal offense can have life long consequences.  Aside from the direct implications of being arrested, the records surrounding the arrest and information regarding any criminal conviction are public.  That means this information is available to anybody who simply runs a background check.  Every day people are denied housing, jobs, and even educational opportunities based on a prior arrest or conviction.

An arrest or a conviction does not have to have life long consequences. Colorado law allows for people who have been arrested, charged with a crime, and even under some circumstances convicted of a criminal offense, to seal their records.

Patrick Mulligan and Marshall Breit have nearly 40 years of experience representing clients at the trial, appellate and post-conviction levels.  This includes helping countless clients seal their records.  In the last year, Mulligan Breit, LLC has successfully sealed records for clients charged with sexual offenses, domestic violence, and drug possession charges.

If you were arrested, charged with a crime, had a criminal case dismissed, were acquitted of criminal charges at trial, or convicted of a criminal offense, there is a trail of information available to the public.

Patrick Mulligan and Marshall Breit can help protect your privacy and seal this information.

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