Every defendant convicted of a crime has a constitutional right to appeal his conviction. 

If the conviction is for a felony offense, the appeal is from the district court to the Colorado Court of Appeals.  If the conviction is a misdemeanor from the county court, the first step on appeal is to the district court.

In the appeal from a criminal conviction and sentence, the appellate lawyer carefully reviews the trial transcripts, pleadings, jury instructions, and other collateral material.  The lawyer then creates an argument for the reversal of the conviction.  Appellate work is very technical, and requires significant training.

Patrick Mulligan has extensive experience in the field of criminal appellate practice.  Patrick has successfully handled criminal appeals in every type of criminal case, from DUI through First Degree Murder.  He has argued dozens of cases in the appellate courts of Colorado, and his work has led to the reversal of many convictions and sentences.

If you or a loved one have suffered a criminal conviction, we can help.  Contact Mulligan Breit, LLC at 303-295-1500, or email Patrick at Patrick@MulliganBreit.com.

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