At Mulligan Breit, LLC, we have the expertise to handle virtually any type of criminal case.  Patrick Mulligan and Marshall Breit have 39 years of experience in criminal law, and are recognized throughout the legal community for their ability to handle cases at every stage of the proceedings.

Based on his extensive experience and expertise in appellate and post-conviction (Rule 35c) litigation, Patrick Mulligan was asked to testify before both the Colorado State Senate and House of Representatives earlier this year.  Patrick explained some of the significant problems associated with mandatory sentencing for so-called “crimes of violence.”  Patrick was asked to explain how he was able, after months of complex litigation, to succeed in getting a number of such sentences reversed.

Based on the expert testimony of Patrick and others, the Colorado legislature passed a bill to end the mandatory prison sentence for Second Degree Assault.  The bill was signed into law this summer.  Defendants convicted of this offense will now be eligible for probationary sentences.

Patrick Mulligan has also testified as an expert witness throughout the state in Rule 35c proceedings, including many cases involving allegations of ineffective assistance of counsel.  Patrick’s testimony has helped lead to the reversal of numerous unjust convictions, including cases of first degree murder and sexual assault.

If you are facing or have been convicted of criminal charges, you need a lawyer with the experience and expertise to handle your case.  If you have questions regarding your case, contact the lawyers at Mulligan Breit, LLC, 303-295-1500. 

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