In this recent Denver District Court case, our client was charged with Second Degree Assault, a crime of violence, and faced a potential 5 to 16 year prison sentence. The charges arose from an alleged altercation between the Defendant, JM, and his fiancée.

Criminal charges involving allegations of “domestic violence” can be particularly complex, as any conviction can carry significant direct and collateral consequences.

In this case, Patrick Mulligan was able to persuade the prosecutor to dismiss the charges after explaining the prior inconsistent statements and history of poor credibility on the part of the complaining witness. Rather than face an expensive and emotional jury trial, our client walked away from the case with all charges dismissed.

Patrick Mulligan and Marshall Breit have extensive experience in litigating Domestic Violence cases at the trial, appellate, and post-conviction stages. If you need help on a case involving allegations of domestic violence, call us at Mulligan Breit, LLC: 303-295-1500.

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