Patrick Mulligan has recently won yet another post-conviction case in the state courts of Colorado.

In the recent case of People v. Frank M., Patrick filed a Motion for Post-Conviction Relief, pursuant to Rule 35c of the Colorado Rules of Criminal Procedure, alleging that his client had received ineffective assistance of counsel.

At the hearing on the Rule 35c motion, Patrick was able to show that trial counsel had provided inaccurate advice as to the sentencing range if the defendant were convicted at trial.  After a contested hearing, the trial court agreed, and ordered that the defendant’s conviction and 96 year prison sentence be vacated.

Patrick Mulligan is one of the most experienced post-conviction lawyers in the state of Colorado.  His expertise has led to the reversal of multiple convictions and sentences, including many life sentences.

If you are concerned that you or someone you know received ineffective assistance of counsel, contact us at 303-295-1500.

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