In this fascinating case, the defendant was charged with 53 counts of sexual exploitation of a child. After more than 2 years of intensive pre-trial litigation, including over one hundred pages of pre-trial motions and numerous motions hearings, Patrick Mulligan and his co-counsel secured the best possible result for the client: dismissal of all charges.

The charges against the defendant were based upon a law enforcement “Bit Torrent” software application. The prosecution alleged that its software detected child pornography on the defendant’s computer.

Rigorous pre-trial litigation, however, revealed substantial questions and inconsistencies with the government’s software. After multiple pre-trial rulings favorable to the defense, the prosecution eventually dismissed all charges against the defendant.

With more than 36 years of experience in trial, appellate, and postconviction (Rule 35c) litigation, Patrick Mulligan has the experience you need. From DUI through First Degree Murder, we can assist in even the most complex cases.

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